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    Product profile

    Product Name: GKF
    Views: 108 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15


    GKF series high temperature high humidity axial ventilator fan is widely used in the painting, smoke leaf baking,wood drying, production of rubber, production of pharmaceuticals. About vented exhaust, the fan can be used in the lots of high temperature and high humidity environment, for example:the factory, the workshop, the office, the warehouse, the basement. The axial fan is a unidirectional vented exhaust equipment, with a with novel structure and high performance.The fan has characteristic of resistanting to high-temperature, large air volume, high pressure, energy-efficient, low noise, convenience maintenance, etc. As a gas transportation fan without corrosive gas, palpable & gray scale, the gas has no more than 150mg/m3 dust and hard particles.
    As the blades diameter is different, there are 10 model, NO.2.5、3、3.5、4、5、5.5、6、7、8、9.The angle of fan can be adjusted according to the clients' requirements. 
    The fans blades can be direct connected with the motor. The circumferential velocity of the impeller does not exceed the condition, there are three different rotational speed: 2900r/min、1450r/min、960r/min. When face of the air inlet, the blades are counterclockwise rotation.
    Since the frame size and the blades diameter are different, the installation angle of the blades, speed of main shaft is different. Air flow, air pressure and motor output are different.
    The air pressure from 50Pa to 400Pa, the air flow from 1000m3/h to 45000m3/h.(details as per performance table )

    Max. Ambient Temp.: <130℃,Relative humidity.:≤98%, In the ambient of weak acid, weak alkali, vapor and no flammable gas, the motor can be also used in the vacuum drying equipment according to the specific conditions
    1.Rated voltage: 220V,220/440V, 220/380/660V 
                            230/400/690V,  240/415/720V                     
    2.Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    3.Working Method: continuous (S1) running 
    4.Cooling Method: IC411
    5.Protection Class: IP54/IP55
    6.Insulation Class: Class F (120℃), Class H(180℃)