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    Product profile

    Product Name: MSW/MSWD
    Views: 53 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15




    MSW/MSWD series high temperature and high humidity asynchronous motor, this special motor with ventilator fan is used in high temperature and high humidity environment. This series ac motor is designed based on the characteristic of  blower-pump load, motor shell adopts aluminum alloy material, fastening piece adopts stainless steel and copper, attractive appearance. According the analysis methods of advanced thermodynamic, not only reduce  the electromagnetic loads of motor, but also increase the performance efficiency, energy saving. The motor adopts the material for resistant to high temperature and insulation class is class H, the motor can safety operation in high temperature environment. The motor can resistant to ageing and burn out. The motors' protection class is Ip55, increase the dustproof, water-repellent, rotproof capability. The motor can reversible long-term operated in the high temperature and high humidity vapor environment. The motor structure:adopts the straight shaft extension and subulate shaft-extension, special grease lubricant of resistant to high temperature bearing. low noise and small vibration. The motor adopts external structure injected lubricating oil. It not only increases the service life of bearing, but also avoids the tiredness of oilingdisassembly.As the clients' request, we can product the motor.

    The maximu ambient temperature no more than 130℃.The maximu relative humidity no more than 98%. In the ambient of acid-deficient, alkalescent, steam, without combustible gas the motor can be also used in the vacuum drying equipment, according to the specific conditions.

    Power form: Single phase: 220V
                         Three phase: 220/380/660V  230/400/690V  240/415/720V
    Frequency: 50/60Hz 
    Cooling mode: ICO141、IC411(Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled)
    Protection Class: IP54/IP55
    Insulation Class: Class F(120℃), Class H(180℃)