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    GKF(KY) (Decreased airflow style)

    GKF(KY) (Decreased airflow style)

    Product profile

    Product Name: GKF(KY) (Decreased airflow style)
    Views: 52 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-18

    GKF(KY) series tobacco baking special fan is special designed for tobacco Leaf flue-curing, the insulation class of which motor is class F and class H, it has remarkable characteristics of high temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, high efficiency, large air quality, Iow noise, energy saving etc., the fans is used by four panels arc aluminum blades, the angle of can be adjusted the air volume according to the clients' requirements. It is extensive operated in the high temperature/humidity places of tobacco Leaf flue-curing, wood drying kiln.

    Max. Ambient Temp.: <130℃,Relative humidity.:≤98%, In the ambient of weak acid, weak alkali, vapor and no flammable gas, the motor can be also used in the vacuum drying equipment according to the specific conditions
    1.Rated voltage: 220V,220/440V, 220/380/660V 
                     230/400/690V,  240/415/720V                     
    2.Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    3.Working Method: continuous (S1) running 
    4.Cooling Method: IC411
    5.Protection Class: IP54/IP55
    6.Insulation Class: Class F (120℃), Class H(180℃)