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    Product profile

    Product Name: HTFC(A)
    Views: 36 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-18

    HTFC series double speed fire fighting cabinet type centrifugal fan is a new type fan. According to the introduction of nationwide and worldwide technology, we research and development this fan. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, high temperature resistance, novel and compact structure,small vibration, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.
    Widely applies in the guesthouse, hotel, auditorium, theater, basement, industrial, office buildings for fire fighting and kitchen smoke exhaust ventilation(there are hanging installation and floor-standing installation). It can input gas, also can discharge gas. The fan is good product and selling strongly in nation-wide every place, well received by the customers. 
    The series fans have A type and B type. A type fan of the motor is installed outside the fan duct, through high temperature test, in the 350℃ high temperature environment, the fan can continuous operating more 100 minutes. Achieve the purpose of fire fighting smoke exhaust ventilation. The fan adopts double speed, ventilate at low speed, fire fighting smoke exhaust at high speed. B type fan of the motor is installed in the fan duct, this fan is used for ventilating,generally.
    1.Rated voltage: 220V,  220/440V, 220/380/660V 
                               230/400/690V,  240/415/720V                     
    2.Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    3.Working Method: Continuous (S1) running 
    4.Cooling Method: ICO141
    5.Protection Class: IP44/IP54
    6.Insulation Class: Class H(180℃)