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  • Various types of centrifugal fan
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  • 9-19

    Product profile

    Product Name: 9-19
    Views: 86 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15


    9-19 high pressure centrifugal fan is wide used for gas, such as conveying material, air, non corrosiveness, non hypergol,without adhesive.The temperature of Transmission medium is not more than 80℃, the content of dust and hard particle  is not more than 150mg/m3. This fan is suitable for high pressure forced ventilation of smithing, glass and china making, wireless, electroplating and battery. It is also suitable for conveying material of processing industry, such as grain, fodder, mineral powder, plastics.
    Max. Ambient Temp.: <130℃,Relative humidity.:≤98%, In the ambient of weak acid, weak alkali, vapor and no flammable gas, the motor can be also used in the vacuum drying equipment according to the specific conditions.
    1.Rated voltage: 220V, 220/440V, 220/380/660V,  
                     230/400/690V, 240/415/720V
    2.Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    3.Working Method: Continuous (S1) running 
    4.Cooling Method: ICO141
    5.Protection Class: IP44/IP54
    6.Insulation Class: Class B (80℃),
    Class F (120℃), Class H(180℃)