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    Product profile

    Product Name: DRF
    Views: 98 Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2018-05-15



    DRF diversion axial fan is adopt Korea technology 

    and develop new diversion axial-flow fan. To solve 

    the problem of the existing axial fan for small 

    pressure and uneven air volume. The fan end 

    installed the pre-rotation vane for air flow does 

    not return. Through more efficient blades increases 

    the pressure. Lengthen the air flow distance and the 

    air volume more even.And synchronous increase 

    efficiency. Using all-aluminum high performance 

    adjustable blades, the pressure more than 30% larger 

    than ordinary fan. This fan has obtained national 

    patent for utility model and the patent number is 

    DRF diversion axial fan is used for the baking 

    equipment and factories and building indoor for 

    ventilation. It can input gas, also can discharge 

    gas. In the 120oC high temperature environment, the 

    fan mating high temperature motor can long-term